Peter Lee
Peter Lee
Business Development & Consulting Manager – Smart Cities, Communities & IoT
Peter Lee has 13 years’ experience of digital service transformation in Local Government, 19 years’ of product design and digital service development in the tech sector and over 3 years with BSI. Peter supports engagement with cities, communities and industry, to address public sector challenges for Transport, 5G and NetZero including digital twins, open data and interoperability standards.

Peter is a former 3D industrial design engineer and 2D graphical user interface designer. He developed advanced concepts at BT Laboratories including video conferencing, interactive TV, smart phones and tablets. Peter was BT’s corporate product design manager for business, consumer and payphone products and services, including brand experience and user-centred design. He led intranet collaboration and webcasting services.

Peter was Economic Development operations manager at Ipswich Borough Council where he led Smart Ipswich activities including development of an Innovation Centre at the University of Suffolk, where he is a senior visiting fellow for digital innovation. Formerly Peter held several roles at Suffolk County Council including economic development, investment in broadband, sustainable transport strategy, public transport policy, behaviour change and social marketing.