ISG INSIGHTS: Digital and Cybersecurity – two unequal twins
Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 12:15 PM - 12:30 PM
Roger Albrecht

In many meetings, we share with our clients, we listen to rather similar experiences: if only the business would have invited us earlier. And we hear the other end of the story: how could that have happened, that • our data have been kidnapped • core IP has been stolen • we are blackmailed for personnel client data from out of our sources can be published • or serious amounts of money disappeared via digital routes. To avoiding those cybercrime effects it requires that the unequal twins meet at the same table, early enough to agree on effective measures armouring the company as a whole, the concrete business initiative and the human as the weakest subject of attacks. Join ISG's Roger Albrecht to learn 1. Why to Involve the CISO at earliest stages of any digital journey allowing him to provide enabling advice. 2. How to make Cybersecurity a building block of conceptualization, development and implementation. 3. When to make Cybersecurity investments - at the beginning pay out, latest when databreaches can be avoided

ISG Insights
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