FEATURED PRESENTATION: Voice of the Customer-I Need More! I Need Something Different! I Need it Now!
Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Gautam Barai Nimesh Akhauri Adrian McKnight

Revival is on the cards and businesses globally are all set for an inevitable re-bound. The one important question is – WHAT DO BUSINESSES NEED – FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW?
The answer is simple – business has to continue, better than normal, better than good, better than ever before! Simply put, THAT is the voice of the customer.

Decoding that voice of the customer, is all about shifting gears to newer ways of working, with increasing reliance on digital mediums and channels, accelerating new product / service launches and building future-ready talent. As the end-customers increasingly prefer touchless transactions and rely on digital, organizations would have to re-think their ways of engagement with buyers at the right time and through their preferred channels; re-model business processes around customer behaviors and not the offerings; understand value from the customers’ perspective; and look at re-designing the entire supply chain around the customer.

The good news is – it’s doable! With analytics evolving to the level that it has, AI / ML being in perfect sync with human intervention and automation, and the ‘digital-first’ mindset taking centerstage, brands across the globe, regardless of the industry, can be assured of brighter times.

Customer experience (CX) itself, as a focus area in organizations, has seen dramatic evolution during the pandemic era. Customers’ perception of brands and products today is markedly different from the pre-COVID world. This has meant that the customer-brand relationship has permanently changed, compelling businesses to re-establish trust in the new normal. A digitally driven CX strategy with the right balance between automation and human judgment can help companies pre-empt changing customer needs and design the right Customer Experience (CX), thereby instilling the much-needed trust in brand relationships.

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Voice of the Customer
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